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בית החינוך

Kehila Hebrew Sunday school

The educational activities of Kehila primarily consist of a biweekly Hebrew Sunday school. The school provides to our community’s children Jewish secular and democratic education. It endows them with universal and humanistic values, while nurturing leadership and social-environmental responsibility, all in an open-minded approach and with a curriculum that encourages tolerance and multiculturalism.


Principles and guidelines

Our educational work is performed in light of the following principles and guidelines:

  • Learning Hebrew in an experiential and fun way that helps increase the child's willingness to speak Hebrew, having in mind that for most of the children Hebrew is a second language, and that their levels of understanding and speaking are rather different

  • Raising the value of Hebrew culture in the eyes of the children, by exposing them to literature, songs and customs

  • Deepening the children's connection to Jewish traditions and fostering their affinity for Israel

  • Emotional empowerment of children and helping in the formation of each child’s own identity, while fostering values ​​of friendship, cooperation, pluralism and mutual respect

  • Encouraging friendships among children and parents  

  • Recognizing that the children’s Jewish and Israeli identity components are merely part of a complex identity mosaic, and that the other components of their identity are equally important

  • Parents’ involvement in designing lesson plans, in assisting with the school’s operation, and in organizing holiday events and other gatherings

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