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Hands Together
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הקהילה שלנו

Kehila is a community

Kehila is a non-profit association established by Israelis living in the Netherlands. In Hebrew, "Kehila" means a community.

The members of Kehila teamed up to create a framework for cultural, social and educational activities in the Hebrew language. Kehila was founded in the spirit of pluralism and cooperation and is based on its members’ active participation and involvement. 


The educational activities of Kehila take place in the form of a biweekly Hebrew Sunday school. Its curriculum is tailored to the complex identity of children of Israeli parents or of parents with mixed backgrounds. The school provides our children with secular Jewish education and it encourages tolerance, multiculturalism and social-environmental responsibility. The goal is to strengthen the children's relationship with the Hebrew language and with Israeli culture, as well as with their Jewish roots, through fun experiences in Hebrew.


Kehila’s cultural and social activities include gatherings on Jewish holidays, lectures, trips, musical performances and other events that foster a sense of belonging while dealing with matters close to our members’ hearts.


As of today about 60 families are members of our community. We welcome anyone who identifies with Kehila’s aims and spirit and is interested in taking part in our activities.


All of Kehila’s activities are organized and carried out by its members, who thereby give substance and meaning to the framework provided by the community.


Our vision

The vision of Kehila is to continue its development as a communal platform that enables us, and all those who will join us in the future, to carry out together social, cultural and educational activities in an inclusive secular Jewish-Israeli spirit, and thereby to provide a space where a sense of belonging, social connection and mutual support can be found, and where members can preserve and nurture their identity in the way suitable for them.

ועד הקהילה

Kehila’s board

The ongoing management of our community is entrusted to a board whose members serve on a voluntary basis and receive no compensation for their services. All members of the community are entitled to elect and be elected to the board.

These are the present board members of Kehila:

Gal Efron - chairman of the board  Hilla Hoffman - treasurer  Lea Boneh - secretary  

Morly Frishman  Gili van Amen Ganor  Hadas Abadi  Shelly Wasserman  

Oren Savayah  Nir Geva

And these are the directors of our Hebrew Sunday school:

Hadas Abadi  Osnat Meir van de Weijer

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