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Membership of Kehila

Members of Kehila are entitled to take part in its various activities, and the children of member families may be enrolled in our Hebrew Sunday school. 


Kehila welcomes anyone who identifies with its aims and spirit and is interested in taking part in the various activities. If you consider joining Kehila and wish to participate in any of our activities prior to making a decision, please contact us.K
Adult members have the right to participate and vote on the community’s assembly, as well as to elect and be elected to the community’s board, all in accordance with the articles of association. Minutes of meetings of Kehila’s members and board will be sent to any member interested in viewing them.

Membership fees

All members pay annual membership fees to cover expenses. The membership fees are merely symbolic, and the sole purpose of collecting such fees is to enable the community’s operation as modestly as possible. The membership fees are non-refundable. The annual membership fees are set at €80 for a family (with or without children) and €40 for one person. 

The fees for participating in our Hebrew Sunday school’s activities for the entire school year are as follows:


Three children


Two children


One child

(40% discount for the second child, and 60% discount for the third child)

It is possible to pay the school fees in one instalment, or to split the payment to 4 instalments.

דמי חבר
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